Onyx Gold with Lloyds


Taking Care of Your Needs

Unfortunately Cyber criminals make it their job to constantly develop sophisticated ways of making money by manipulating a business’ system and targeting and exploiting any weaknesses they find. Whilst many of us work a 35 – 40 hour week, Cyber Crime is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year risk to every business and every individual in every country in the World.

At Onyx have teamed up with a leading Cyber Insurance provider to promote one of the most comprehensive Cyber Policies available within the current market. The broad nature of our policy, together with a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year expert emergency assistance service, means that whilst your business may be targeted some time in the future, the consequences of the crime can be limited swiftly and with as little financial loss / business interruption / reputational damage, as possible.

With premiums starting from as little as GBP350 it really is time to take notice of the ever-growing threat and protect your business as best you can.

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